You can always find our next meeting right here. 

In September we will be at the Archetype Distillery, 119 S Broadway in Denver for our fundraiser.  We just funded $10,000 in scholarships for students this  year and want to be able to do that or more next year.  Come and participate in "illicit" drinking and gambling; hopefully you won't end up in jail and have to bail  yourself out!!  More information here.  Register here.

Join us for a Roaring 20s Night of Fun on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at the ARCHETYPE DISTILLERY. They distill vodka and rum right on Broadway.

There will be tours for $$ with tastings of vodka and gin, Black Jack and Poker tables.  Just don’t get caught gambling or drinking or you will go to jail and it will cost you $$ to get out. In fact someone can turn you in for a small $$. Enjoy a photo booth, auction, and contest for best head dress.  Register.

Dress in the era, and have a great time!  More details.

Lots of raised hands, lots of questions, lots of “high fives”… all of these were a part of the morning at the Reading Rally at Colfax Elementary on Thursday, May 24.

The author of Solar the Polar, Kim Constantinesco, helped make our rally a big success.  At the end of each assembly, Popsicle, the mascot for the SCFD (also a cousin of Solar, since he couldn’t be there!) joined the group and was a huge hit.

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