July 18 meeting at Wells Fargo Center Denver, 1700 Lincoln St.  The program committee has ordered the book, StrengthsFinder for all attendees.  Be sure to complete the assessment before the meeting and bring your results with you.  Theresa Bausch, Wells Fargo Learning & Development Manager will be doing her presentation as related to our results.  For more details click here.


Join us for a Roaring 20s Night of Fun on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at the ARCHETYPE DISTILLERY. They distill vodka and gun right on Broadway.

There will be tours for $$ with tastings of vodka and gin Black Jack and Poker tables Just don’t get caught gambling or drinking or you will go to jail and it will cost you $$ to get out. In fact someone can turn you in for a small $$. Enjoy a photo booth, auction, and contest for best head dress.  Register.

Dress in the era, and have a great time!  More details.

Lots of raised hands, lots of questions, lots of “high fives”… all of these were a part of the morning at the Reading Rally at Colfax Elementary on Thursday, May 24.

The author of Solar the Polar, Kim Constantinesco, helped make our rally a big success.  At the end of each assembly, Popsicle, the mascot for the SCFD (also a cousin of Solar, since he couldn’t be there!) joined the group and was a huge hit.

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