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We are starting the 2nd month of 2020 with another fantastic motivating speaker and familiar location. Come join us at The Daniels Fund, Wednesday, February 19th. Networking and catching up begins at 5:30. There is NO happy hour at this venue, just as a reminder. But the dinner will be DELICIOUS.


Susan Frew

Nationally known motivational speaker

Colorado Business Owner

Author - The Puffer Fish Effect

Ted Presenter

"Going out on the Skinny Branches"

Business owner and entrepreneur, Susan Frew, takes audiences through the riveting story of growing her company 535%, making the INC5000 list, and then almost losing it all because of a bad hire. Susan’s’ employee left her company 100’s of Thousands of dollars in debt. Susan then went out on the “skinny branches” and courageously saved her company. . This has become Susan’s mission so that no other business owner has to walk through a similar fire in their business. One takes way from this talk with concrete ideas on how to stop cyber crime, and how to avoid bad hires.

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The Chapter provided a scholarship for a representative to attend LCAM in Milwaukee in September 2019.  Salina Mitchel, Events Training Manager from By Design Collective was selected.  She shares her experiences.

Being awarded the 2019 LCAM scholarship has been one of the best professional moments of my networking career. I honestly had no idea what the experience would be, except from the past stories of other recipients. I recommend you travel the day before to get yourself registered and settled in the hotel (which was beautiful) and note that you will miss out on the Reading Rally in the early morning of Day One if you don’t.

Day One  The Reading Rally was one of many memorable experiences throughout the 2019 LCAM Conference. Members from all chapters boarded and shuttled to Next Door and were given an opportunity to read to dozens of children, as well as give them backpacks full of goodies and a new book to take home. Next Door is funded by money given from grants and volunteer hours. Our visit warranted a substantial giveback and it’s a nice reminder how every member/volunteer in attendance makes a HUGE difference in more ways than one.  

Later that evening at the opening reception each chapter had their sashes and lapel pins that they were able to hand out. Denver of course brought the Aspen leaf. We let Milwaukee and everyone else know Denver was in the house! I must have handed out 200 pins that night.

Day Two- I started my day with breakfast and Keynote speaker Karen McCullough. She spoke about how change is good and introducing everyone to the generational gap and how baby boomers to millennials communicate on different levels. You would have to be in the audience to be able to understand the magnificent effect that Karen had on the audience. All the sudden you are sitting in your seat, going through all kinds of different situations, pointing out the generational gaps within your circle and feel all the reminisced interactions and why they played out the way they did. Once she was done speaking, I was already on a mission to start putting my new-found knowledge into play with my staff and new chair positions for the 2019-2020 season.

Once Karen was finished, I found my way to first leadership course (two-part series) - Lessons in Leadership: How to lead, Motivate and Influence Others to Take Action by Lori Giovannoni. Unknowingly, I was sitting right next to the next Corporate Board President Felicia Senter. I’ll talk more about how awesome she is later.  Lori G. is an incredible speaker. I am not one to sit for hours on end, but all the sitting I had been doing was so engaging, sitting was the least of my worries (also coffee and tea galore are provided). The class took the DISC test, were able to participate and interact with others and really feel connected to others in a way that is not normally presented daily. It was eye opening to hear how others (some from other states) have the same thought process as you and gives you something to bond over. This is how I met Tia. She shared her story with me, and we became instant friends. I made a lot of new friends on this trip that I can’t wait to see again next year.

After a long day of listening and note taking I was grateful for the opportunity to socialize with all the other chapters at the Hawaiian themed beach party. The coordinator of this event had food, drinks, a DJ and various games with prizes for the winners. I found this to be a great way to meet other women from all over the states as well as to bond with my chapter. Dina and I shut that party down. Utilizing that time made way for the next day when we had to sit at other tables and not with our chapter.

Day 3- Breakfast started with anyone and everyone who was not in your chapter. The nice thing about Dina and I shutting down the party the night before was we had gotten to know so many people. When I sat my table, I knew 4 of the 8 women. We went through another speaker session with Karen and then broke off into professional development courses throughout the better half of the day. Around 2 p.m. we went to a team building class that involved us playing the drums. The music we all made together was incredible and yet another experience I won’t forget anytime soon. We ate dinner as a chapter and wrapped things up early to join the town hall in the morning.

Closing Day - After chapter photos and breakfast, we made our way to the 2019 Annual meeting. We covered awards, met the new corporate board and took care of any and all business that needed to be voted upon. Felicia Senter was moved to Corporate Board President. She is a woman on the move. She is compassionate and funny, logical, smart and ready to make mountains move!!! If you have an opportunity to connect with Felicia don’t pass it up. I was so moved by this woman and her personal and professional ethics that I had to hug her before I left.

I think the best thing about this whole experience is how women are helping woman. No one is competing, no one is out for themselves and everyone genuinely wants to see others succeed and climb their ladder, whatever that looks like for them. My words will never be able to express the gratitude I have to EWI for this experience and I will be back every year. I do hope that my newfound knowledge and experiences help in efforts of the 2019-2020 year as chair for Philanthropy and Communications puts Denver on the map for a couple of awards at LCAM 2020 in Albuquerque.  

50/50 Raffle for EWI Denver Chapter Reading Rally 2020

Overview: Fundraising committee will sell tickets at all EWI Denver Chapter membership meetings for $20.00
during the calendar months leading to September 2020.  During the last membership meeting of the 2019-
2020-chapter year, in September, EWI Denver Chapter will draw out 1 lucky ticket (member does not have to
be present to win) and the winner will be awarded ½ of funds that were raised.  The other ½ goes toward the
Reading Rally budget that will be given to a selected low-income neighborhood school in or around the Denver
Metro area. All funds are to be deposited into the bank account which is designated for the raffle proceeds.

The awarded school will have the option to allocate the funds included but not limited to the options below:
Purchase of school supplies for various classrooms throughout the school
Field Trips
Different Departments that need help with funding (science, arts and music) etc.
Purchase of books for library or classroom

Thank you,
Salina Mitchell
Events Training Manager
EWI Denver Chapter Philanthropy Chair
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