Committee Updates

Philanthropy Committee Update

For August, we will again be accepting school supplies but it will be a “grab bag” month so whatever you would like to bring, whether it be tissues, markers, pencils, paper, wipes, etc.  Again, we also are happy to accept any and all cash donations and we will purchase supplies as needed.  We will collect at the meeting and deliver to the school, Colfax Elementary.

All of the school supplies that have been collected this year will be presented to Colfax Elementary School in September.  The Committee also decided that for the December 2018 meeting members will be asked to bring Legos to support Rita Contreras’ foundation and for preschool braille books to be given again to the Anchor Center for the Blind.


As of June 19, only three enrollment verifications have been received.  The committee will wait until the second week of July to submit to the Treasurer for payments to the schools and will follow-up with any awardees that have not submitted their verification.  Awardees for 2018 for a total disbursement of $10,000 are:
  • Number 1 awardee – Sonja Davis for a $4000.00 grant
  • Number 2 awardee – Monica Edlauer for a $2500.00 grant
  • Number 3 awardee – Danielle Keady for a $2500.00 grant
  • Number 4 awardee – Leah Porter for a $1000.00 grant

Sonja Davis was also submitted to Corporate for a national award.

The Committee discussed ways to promote our winners and the ASIST program.   The Committee felt that as soon after the annual judging that the winners should be invited to one of the summer meetings to be part of the program.  It was suggested that it be recorded and then use a shorter version at the annual fundraiser event and to post on our website.   Karen will see if there might be time in the August program this year to invite the scholarship winners.    The scholarship winners will be invited to the September fundraiser as our guests.   We will continue to look for other ideas on how the Chapter can recognize and promote our scholarship winners.


Fundraising Update

September 12
Archetype Distillery 
119 S Broad, Denver, CO  80209

Register for the event at

Because this is a historical location, we will have a Roaring 20’s theme.  You do not have to dress up in costume; boas are optional.  We will have a contest for the best “head dress” since hats and headbands were all the rage.

To keep in the spirit of the time and the era of prohibition, there will be a few “card” tables and “illegal” alcohol provided. Ya know– a “speak easy”. But do expect the law to be near and if you are caught playing cards or purchasing “spirits” there is jail time and it will cost you to get out…..make sure you bring $$ to pay off the police.

Plans for the event include:
– Music; DJ, quartets
– Photo booth
– Wine cork pull

Request from members:

  • GUESTS, GUESTS, GUESTS– please invite people. Put the word out. We will be drafting something short that can be sent to friends, family and colleagues and posted on social media.
  • Sponsors for card tables, jail, door prizes
  • Auction items  – minimum contribution $100.00
  • Door Prize items – minimum contribution $25.00 (movie tickets, gift cards, as examples
  • Wine donations
  • Volunteers – Card dealers, helping set up, registering guest

All ideas are welcome.  Contact Melissa Ford or Terri Carrigan


Membership Committee

Our group will not grow unless we have YOUR assistance to bring in new member firms and representatives to EWI. Do you know a woman and/or firm that might be a good fit for our chapter? Let us know and we can help you communicate with them about the benefits of EWI membership and the application details.

Our quarterly gatherings will resume in 2018 – stay tuned for announcements for the first date, time and locations!

Bring a guest to one of our monthly meetings and receive free raffle tickets! If a new firm joins because of your invitation you’ll receive a free monthly meeting! (Pre-paid members will receive the equivalent amount in discount off the Ways & Means event)

Communications Committee Update

You can share your firm’s accomplishments and upcoming events with your fellow representatives (and the world)… just let your Communications Committee know!  Besides our newsletter, EWI Connect, we share through:

  • Our website;
  • Facebook at EWI – Denver Chapter
  • LinkedIn at EWI – Denver (group)

You can submit information to us at or

Treasurer Update

We would appreciate it if you would continue to notify Cyndi Murren (  when you send in your renewal fees and when you receive your receipts from EWI Corporate.

Our EWI Denver Chapter is now on a budget fiscal year to align with EWI Corporate, October 1 – September 30.

Sargent at Arms Update!

Sargent at Arms Sara Golden receives RSVP’s through the online system EZ Register. It is very important to RSVP before the deadline, including any guests, as this information is used for the head count for dinner.  If you are paying by credit card, please pay when you RSVP through EZ Register.  It is more cost- effective for us as a chapter to process the credit cards through this site.  If you wish to pay by check, select that option and bring your check to the meeting. We do not have a petty cash fund, so please do not bring cash.