Committee Updates

Programs Committee Update

Upcoming Meetings: Our 2017-2018 new Board of Directors Installation!  Wednesday, October 18th at 5:45pm at Member Firm, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This will be a special evening and a wonderful opportunity to connect with your fellow EWI members.

Wednesday, November 15th at 530p at the Cheesecake Factory Downtown.  This meeting will be focused on Professional Development and includes an amazing guest speaker Stacey Pederson. Stacey is an engaging and entertaining performer who makes audiences laugh while encouraging them to foster positive change for their own lives, their organization and the lives of others. This would be a great program to invite guests to, especially potential new members.

Wednesday, December 13th at 530p at member firm Brown Palace Hotel Downtown.  This meeting is always a member favorite due to the exquisite Holiday decorations and amazing food provided by the Brown Palace Hotel.  We enjoy a festive evening together with a special program. We will also be organizing an opportunity to give to those in need.  Stay tuned for additional details coming soon.  Be sure to invite colleagues, friends and family to this special evening.

Philanthropy Committee Update

Lori Chavez from member firm Wells Fargo, dropped off School Supplies on behalf the Philanthropy Committee and our Denver Chapter to Westview Elementary School. Thank you to the entire chapter for your generous donations throughout the year.  Nadine, the school librarian, staff and children appreciate the donations as it fills a gap that they tend to have every year.

Westview Elementary School Supply Drop off Sep 2017

Fundraising Committee Update

The 2017 Fundraiser was a great success and everyone’s attendance and contributions were greatly appreciated.  Final numbers will be available soon but we can tell you that we reached our goals of raising money for the Scholarship and Reading Rally as well as for our Operating budget.

Raffle Tickets! The Board is now selling Raffle Tickets for just $1.00 each for the beautifully hand made quilt that was created by our very own group of EWI members. Please collect orders for tickets.  The Raffle drawing will be in December.

EWI Quilt


Membership Committee Update

Recruiting & Retention Update

The Membership committee has been busy with outreach.  In fact we are onboarding 4 new recruits!  Please reach out to Pam Metzger if you would like to be a Mentor for our new members.

Communications Committee Update

Be sure to check out the website and keep informed!  Suggestions are always welcome and be sure to take advantage of social media.

Treasurer Update

We would appreciate it if you would continue to notify Cyndi Murren (  when you send in your renewal fees and when you receive your receipts from EWI Corporate.

2016-2017 Budget Update: With the cuts, efficiency, and close monitoring of our Budget for 2016-2017, we were able to stay on budget and remain in the black.  A special “Thank You” to Cyndi Murren for her attention to detail and dedication to provide us with a clear picture throughout the year of our Finances.  This allowed the Board to make thoughtful decisions along the way.

Our 2017-2018 Budget has been approved by the Board and the Membership and has been submitted to the Corporate office.  As reflected on the Budget, we continued to be very conservative and kept it to the very basics.  As we grow our Membership in the future we may be able to add more money to the budget for new initiatives and regional conferences.

Sargent at Arms Update!

Sargent at Arms Sara Golden is receiving RSVP’s through the online system EZ Register. It is very important to RSVP before the deadline, including any guests, as we use this information for our head count for dinner.  

If you are paying by credit card, please pay when you RSVP through EZ Register.  It is more cost effective for us as a chapter to process the credit cards through this site.  If you wish to pay by check, select that option and bring your check to the meeting. We do not have a petty cash fund, so please do not bring cash.