Committee Updates

Well, we are just getting this season started so the updates are brief until our committees really get underway.  

Philanthropy Committee – ASIST and EWISP

  • The reading Applications coming in to Bradley (5 to date)
  • Working with committee to finalize judges. Judges are being notified of commitment time.
  • Bradley has been answering lots of scholarship questions

Philanthropy Committee – Ready Rally

School Supply Drive
– Flyers went out at March Mtg

  •  Asking for crayons and markers
  • Items will be collected at April Meeting

 Reading Rally

New Date: Wednesday, May 17th


  •   The Max Science Adventure series books break down the boundary that has traditionally separated large format picture books from books that focus on science education. The beautifully illustrated stories appeal to all ages as Max (the dog) and his friends use their space adventures to bring a message of inspiration and hope to the human race. At the same time, “Big Kid Box” sidebars provide older children and parents with clear explanations of the sophisticated science that lies behind the scenes. The books always conclude with an activity suitable for family or classroom use.
  •   Books will be under $10 each (including shipping)
  •   Finalizing class room numbers with school


  •   Author Jeffrey Bennett will do 2, 45 minute assemblies for the kids.
  • 
  •   Dr. Bennett will do presentations for free

 Next phone meeting will be Monday, April 10th at 12:00 pm.

Fundraising Committee Update

1. We got our Raffle License!.  The BOARD will soon start selling tickets for our quilt (see attached picture of a square with more to come!).  We will have some more samples at our March meeting. 

2. Remember to SAVE THE DATE – AUGUST 16th will be all about ART.  It will be fun, you will go home with your own original creation that everyone will “ooh” and  “aah” over!

DOOR PRIZES this month will include:

  •  Coffee from First Choice Coffee Services
  • 2 Tickets to the Rodeo All Star Weekend from National Western
  • Wine from Apple Jack
  • Unique Hand Made Jewelry courtesy of Mary Ann Ehlers
  • Chocolate Bliss (A boxed set of Recipe Cards and Bossa Nova Music with a Recipe Easel for dancing while you bake!) 

Programs Committee Update

Upcoming Meetings – Wednesday, January 18th – details TBD

Please note that we are working on trying to confirm a very special speaker for February and will send details soon. If he is available, this would be an Executive Night.  Start practicing your pitch to your Boss!

Scholarship Committee Update

Stay tuned…

Recruiting & Retention Update

The Membership committee has been busy, adding 3 new member firms in the last 2 months.  Please join us in welcoming Oakwood Worldwide Corporate Housing, Level 5 Limousines, and Trinidad Benham Corp.  We will continue this year to work on identifying and reaching out to new member firms from a variety of industries, so if you have suggestion and contact for us please let one of us on the committee know.  We have Zone Lunch dates schedule quarterly between now and the end of 2017 so please check your email and the website for information about those nice opportunities to get to know your fellow EWI members in a smaller, more casual setting.  

Communications Committee Update

Stay tuned . . . 

Treasurer Update

We’ve made a great deal of progress in working with EWI Corporate on our renewals!  However, as we have a new contact, we would appreciate it if you would continue to notify Cyndi Murren (  when you send in your renewal fees and when you receive your receipts from EWI Corporate.  Thank you.

Sargent at Arms Update!

Sargent at Arms Sara Golden and Asst. Sargent at Arms, Crystal Frank are receiving RSVP’s through the online system EZ Register. It is very important to RSVP before the deadline, including any guests, as we use this information for our head count for dinner.  If you are paying by credit card, please pay when you RSVP through EZ Register.  It is more cost effective for us as a chapter to process the credit cards through this site.  If you wish to pay by check, select that option and bring your check to the meeting. We do not have a petty cash fund, so please do not bring cash.