Program Meetings

If you have a suggestion for a future meeting venue or program, contact our Program Chair at

In April, we had two teenage entrepreneurs who have created non-profits.  Komala’s “Help a Little” matches teenage volunteers with non-profits who need volunteers.  Kusala’s, “Every Month” provides menstrual hygiene products to homeless or other women who can’t afford them.  Click on their non-profit’s name to learn more.

At the February meeting, Rhonda Sheya and Lisa Petrone presented “I’m so busy with Social Media that I am becoming anti-social!”  They shared a lot of information on using social media for your business, and provided links for the Denver Chapter’s website, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Click here to download the slides from their presentation.

EWI Meeting Dates 

As each date approaches, we will have more details in the Meeting notice that will include the Topic, Location, and link to RSVP through EZ Register.  All meetings take place the 3rd Wednesday of the month with the exception this year of September, November, and December (2nd Weds) and are from 530p-8p.  All meetings will be focused on either professional development (Careers), networking (Connections) or Community.

Did you miss the April 2017 meeting but want to learn about cell phone photography? Click Here to access the tutorial!