President’s Message

For those who were able to attend our February meeting, I think I can speak for all of us in saying that we came away knowing a lot more about each other and left at the end of the evening much more enlightened about our firms from those who were represented. It was a fun format and thank you for those who brought their presentation materials.  We had some great food from QDoba and had the opportunity to share that we don’t always get at some meetings.

And now here we are in March and the year is rapidly moving on. March is one of those months that can be “all over the place” here in Colorado.  We can have bright sunny days that tease us about spring and summer to come and then we can get slammed again with one of our famous snow storms.  I know I won’t easily forget the blizzard we had in March of 2003.  All of the big heavy SUV’s in our neighborhood couldn’t even move but our little itty bitty GEO Tracker that was green and we had named “Mr. Toad” was able to go anywhere we wanted because it was so light it basically bounced all over the top of all of those snow drifts everywhere.  It wasn’t any good at helping push the snow out of the way like the bigger ones eventually were, but we could go get things for our neighbors because we could get out of the neighborhood.  If was kind of fun in a way.  People helped each other to shovel and came out of their houses because everyone eventually got “cabin fever” once the sun came back out…not that I hope we have another one of those!

Our March meeting this year will be held at Hacienda Colorado at I-25 and Colorado and will be a business meeting but will also have a timely presentation by our very own Rhonda Sheya on social media. You will be receiving important information for the business meeting portion and I would encourage you to read it prior to the meeting as your vote counts.

I also want to encourage you to apply for the LCAM scholarship. For those who are still new to our chapter, LCAM stands for Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting and it will be September 18-21 in Milwaukee.  We will have the information with us again in March.  The board will be making the decision prior to June so you have some time remaining to apply.  LCAM is something you don’t want to miss if you’ve never had the chance to go.  As always, if you have comments, questions, things you want to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us on the board.  We are here to serve you and together we know our chapter can achieve success.

Karen Jorgensen
President, EWI Denver