President’s Message

I must admit that this was not the way I would have hoped to start my term as the Denver Chapter President. We have faced what has probably been one of the most challenging years we have encountered in recent times. Many of our members were furloughed or lost their jobs and those who remained employed found themselves doing the jobs of several people with hours and benefits cut. Business travel and vacations were put on hold while we became housebound-acquainting ourselves with every square inch of our domicile.

We missed the simple things-eating out, movies, events.

And we lost our ability to come together as a group-both mandated and then cautionary for many.

But along the way we have learned some things-cooking isn’t all that bad, it’s handy to have a Netflix subscription, paper products are priceless, and yes-how to Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet like a pro.

And we have adapted- homeschooling, home delivery, virtual board meetings, virtual monthly events and meetings.

Learn so that we can connect. Adapt so that we continue building our community.

The foundation of EWI is connecting, building community and developing both professionally and personally.

We have a unique opportunity here to maintain that foundation utilizing all the tools at our disposal.

I look forward to the day when we are all comfortably together in one room again but until then, I look forward to new the opportunities we create to connect, build and develop!

Let me know if you have any thoughts or think I should make any changes

Dina Baise

1 (720) 620-4001