President’s Message

It looks like we may have turned a corner and summer may have finally arrived here. Did you all think it might never get here like I did?  While I have been relishing in the cool nights as they’ve been great for sleeping, I’m ready for some hot days, sitting on the patio and enjoying the flowers, hoping my tomatoes really do grow and generally just enjoying some of the things that summer can bring.  It doesn’t seem possible that it’s almost the 4th of July.  I hope you all have some fun plans for the holiday and get to spend some time with your families and watch some fireworks.  I love fireworks and still, to this day, get just as excited as any little kid.  I know an awful lot of animals suffer during this holiday and that bothers me but I just can’t help myself and the brighter the better.  I don’t like the big booms, just the pretty ones.  I’m so excited that I get to go to the Rockies on the 2nd and see the fireworks after the game.  I like seeing all of the flags and hearing the music and BBQing in the back yard.

I’m terribly sentimental and I really like history which was partially why our last meeting was so much fun.  Molly Brown is such an important part of Denver history and it was such fun seeing her summer home and learning about the history of what the Brown’s did on that side of town.  Quite different from their home on Pennsylvania Street!  As Molly Brown herself once said to the Denver Post, “I am a daughter of adventure.  This means I never experience a dull moment and must be prepared for any eventuality….That’s my arc, as the astrologers would say.  It’s a good one, too, for a person who had rather make a snap-out than a fade-out of life”.  (August 1923).  I think she would have been fun to have met – – too bad we couldn’t have had her for a speaker at one of our meetings.

Thank you to the Program Committee for another great evening. Thank you to all of our committees and especially the Chairs who have worked so hard this year to make our chapter what it is.  I hope that you have all thought carefully about what positions you would like to take on Ching’s board for next year.  It takes all of us working together to make this work and we have been so fortunate to have so many members who have worked so hard this year to bring us great programs, to keep us informed through our newsletter and our website, to keep our books and records up to date and accurate, to award our scholarships, to be creative with our Reading Rally, to greet everyone at the monthly meetings, to provide accurate records of our meetings and to recruit new members.  It hasn’t been easy and I am especially grateful for those who have served with me this year.

It’s not over yet and we have some exciting events coming our way and now is the time to think about being on the board.  It’s fun, it’s a great way to better get to know how the organization works and this chapter is a huge proponent of co-chairs for those who might be a bit hesitant.  We’ve worked hard to keep board meetings as brief as possible as we recognize that time is important but we also recognize that the business of the chapter is equally important.  It is generally easy and fun to attend a monthly meeting, socialize, experience new venues, meet new people and share your company with others, BUT have you ever thought about how that all happens?  I encourage you to investigate becoming a committee chair; you will attend a board meeting each month (currently held on the 1st Wednesday), get to know details about what the other committees are doing, help set direction for the Chapter and contribute to EWI while growing in new leadership skills and opportunities while having the board and a committee to support

Board members can only serve for 5 years and many of our current board are nearing that limit.  As an old poster said,  ”I WANT YOU.”  Please give some serious consideration to becoming a part of Ching’s 2019-2020 Board.   Feel free to reach out to me or to Ching if you would like to discuss any of the positions as we’re happy to describe the duties involved.

And, I know quite a few of you have already signed on with Salina Mitchell to participate in our Reading Rally venture with the libraries – – it’s going to be fun and we’re reaching a whole lot of new kids with this idea so who knows where this may take us for our future?



Karen Jorgensen
President, EWI Denver