President’s Message

I recently attended the LCAM conference, and for those of you that have not been, I have to tell you, it’s so worth the time and energy to go. I left feeling rejuvenated after having the opportunity to learn additional leadership skills and self-care, and to meet other amazing women from across the US and Canada!  One of my favorite takeaways was from Corporate President Felicia Senter who said, “If your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough.”  As I step into this new leadership role with the Denver Chapter, I am scared and excited. I challenge you to think about your dreams – do they scare you? What can we do as a chapter to help you achieve that dream?

I am looking forward to a growth year and to looking outside the box in ways that our committees will handle fundraising and attracting new members. What can we do to retain our current members? If there are things you feel that you are not getting from the group, that you thought you would, please come to me and let me know. Let me know if there are reasons you are thinking of leaving.  Also, let me know what you love about our group so we can use that as talking points when we are talking to potential new members.

Thank you all for this opportunity to lead you in what promises to be a great year for 2019-2020. I would also like to thank the Board their ongoing support as I figure out the steps in this new journey for me!

Ching-yuan Hu
President, EWI Denver