President’s Message

I hope that those who were able to attend the baseball game this last month had a good time. The Rockies didn’t win but we were treated to some of the most unusual clouds I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure we all took pictures of them.  I don’t think a lot of “healthy” eating went on that evening but there were a lot of happy faces so I’m thinking it didn’t matter… and besides that beer alone is pretty much a complete food, isn’t it?  It’s made from cereal grains, hops and yeast and water and what more do you need?  And if you had wine, that’s made from grapes and they’re a fruit.

On a serious note, we held our Annual Business Meeting and elected our new Board for this next year and I will be passing the hat to a very capable new President, Ching-Yuan Hu and her new Board. Ching will have sign-up sheets for you at the September meeting so that you can indicate your interest in the committee of your choice.  Don’t miss this opportunity to make your voice heard.  We also voted on and approved the budget for this next year.  There were some major changes that we all voted on and we need to be aware of how these changes will affect each of us.  The Denver Membership Fees will now be $155.00.  Sustaining Fees will now be $25.00.  Our Meeting Fees will remain $45.00 but that will now apply to all who attend the monthly meeting.  Registration Meeting Cost increases by $1.00 (credit card cost).  For further information, please refer to the meeting packet that was provided or feel free to reach out to either me, Cyndi Murren or Ching-Yuan Hu as we are happy to answer any questions.

On a personal note, I have to ruminate on my final newsletter to the chapter. It has been a pleasure to serve as your President and I thank you for the opportunity to have done so.  I want to thank the Board for their efforts and I believe we have demonstrated to the chapter that our hard work together has paid off.  We have had some memorable meetings.  We raised enough money through our Door Prize drawings to send our LCAM Scholarship winner, Salina Mitchell to her first LCAM this September and look forward to hearing from her upon her return.

September in Colorado is usually such a glorious month. The days are usually still warm and the nights are starting to cool off.  Summer starts to fade and the colors of fall, some of my favorites, begin to show.  All of the kids in the neighborhood still play outside so there’s laughter and all the noises that only kids can make.  I love the beginning of fall before the real cold and the dark set in.  I like raking leaves and I’m still goofy enough that I’ll jump in the big piles we make in our yard before we bag them up.  Rick thinks I’m nuts, but what does he know?  Every once in a while there’s a really pretty leaf I’ll find and I’ll go put it between wax paper and stick it in the dictionary and then of course won’t find it until I think to look up a word months later.  My dictionary is full of wax paper leaves from my tree in the front yard.   I’ll bet we all have memories like that.

I want to thank each of you for providing me with lots of EWI memories that I will hold dear forever.


Karen Jorgensen
President, EWI Denver