President’s Message

March is the Greatest Month!
I LOVE March! The days are about to get longer, warmer, and greener!
This is the month that launches us out of winter. Flowers are budding, (ok- maybe only pansies)
Chocolate is on sale, and its biggest holiday is just one giant party. I say it’s the happiest month on the
And we have lots of happy things to report. In spite of both professional and personal changes within
the membership, we were happy to see that as memberships have come up for renewal, most members
have chosen to renew. We have been pleased to see membership adoption in new technology as we
have been challenged with finding new ways to connect for our monthly programs, and we have been
hearing a buzz with members looking forward to reconnecting in person when it is safe to do so!
A big shout out to our guest speaker from February’s virtual member meeting: Donna Adinolfi. Great
Wellness presentation and reminder on the importance of taking time out for yourself and some great
suggestions to accomplish this!
Wellness comes in many aspects and I think the media has shared many stories of the changes and
isolation many people have felt over the last 12 months.
As an organization, we are committed to supporting each other in both personal and professional
growth. I would encourage everyone to focus on the “personal” side this month. Take a moment to
reach out to a fellow member you have not spoken to in a while and just connect. Trade emails, have a
quick call, or if you are comfortable, grab a cup of coffee.
Fun Fact: March was the beginning of our calendar year. We changed to the “New Style” or “Gregorian”
calendar in 1752, effectively changing our New Year to Jan 1.
And finally, March would not be complete without an Irish Blessing:
“May your troubles be less, and your blessing be more.
And nothing but happiness, come through your door.”
Cheers everyone!
Dina Baise