President’s Message

Hello EWI Denver,


Thank you to those that braved the less than ideal Mother Nature conditions to join us for our February meeting with our special guest, Susan Frew.  For me, it was inspiring to see someone overcome some very serious financial challenges, and unfortunately, how absolutely shady some people can be in this world!  It is so very true, though, that if you surround yourself around with your tribe, they will always have your back and help pick you up and carry on.


We had a fantastic Strategic Meeting with the Board Members on Saturday, February 22.  We took most of the day to discuss our challenges in recruiting new members, and some strategies we are going to look at moving forward to attract the right people to our group to continue the growth of our chapter. Recruiting and Retention is not just a committee job, it is important for us ALL to think through our network of people to see who we might be able to bring inThe programs committee has been working hard at putting together fun and informative meetings as well, and I am excited for what we have on tap for the rest of the year!


Let’s focus on each bringing a new potential member to at least 1 meeting this year. Please get their contact information over to Lori Chavez so she can follow up with them.  If you have potential members you’d like to intro to Lori prior to a meeting, that’d would be great to send a warm introduction to her at  Please feel free to cc me as well, as I’d love to reach out as well!


Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, the health and safety of our member firm representatives are VERY important to us. With that in mind, we are cancelling our March and April meetings at this time.  Hotel Born / Citizen Rail will get re-scheduled to a future date, and we are moving the Butterfly Pavilion to later this year as well. This is a very scary time for many of us, with hours being cut at work, to some having no hours at all. Please remember to be kind to one another, and take care of those around us.


If you need anything before we all get to see each other next, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. 303.762.7326 or  If you hear of someone who is in need of something, please let us all know as a community, as that is what will get us through this.


Take care,



Senior Event Designer

D… 303.762.7326