EWI Denver has been honored to help so many with scholarship support throughout the years through our ASIST Scholarship Program. To ensure this endeavor continues as we end our EWI charter, we have partnered with an existing endowment at Metro State University, in Denver, Colorado. This endowment shares our educational and philanthropic initiatives. We have ensured that for many years to come individuals will continue to benefit from from the EWI Denver Chapter. The monies set aside for scholarships will be contributed to the

Lawrence A. Atler and Marilyn Van Derbur Atler Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship to benefit a female student who is a single mother pursuing a specific chosen field of study that, upon completion, will enable her to be gainfully employed, specifically using such learning (e.g. computer science, computer information, accounting, nursing or teaching.) The intent hereof is to have the recipient, upon graduation and/or completion of certification, be job-ready by reason of such education.

• Be female
• Be enrolled full- or part-time
• Degree- or certificate-seeking single mother pursuing a course of study that will lead to employment
• Have a 3.0 GPA
• Be classified as a junior or a senior
• Have financial need based on FAFSA
• The scholarship recipient SHALL be a registered part-time or full-time degree or certificate-seeking student.

The scholarship recipient may receive the scholarship for their junior and senior year 􀑔 award not to exceed a total of six semesters. The recipient must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GP A while receiving the scholarship.


(Past) ASIST SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (Adult Students in Scholastic Transition)

EWI recognizes that education opens the door to opportunities.  To support that endeavor, giving back through scholarships and literacy initiatives is what EWI is all about.   For applicants that want to advance their education, EWI offers scholarship opportunities through ASIST.   At the grade-school level, EWI participates in literacy programs such as the Reading Rally which is descried in more detail under Philanthropy.

The ASIST scholarship is available to adults facing economic, social, or physical challenges, who are looking to improve their situation through educational opportunities.

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The 2021 BCDP/ASIST Committee and our independent judges have awarded the  Scholarship winners. We are so grateful to the judges for their time and effort in selecting three winners. Giving back through scholarships is what EWI is all about. Through this philanthropy we help people improve their educational opportunity.
1ST PLACE: Catorra Schulte   $2000.00
Catorra will be attending Nightingale College in Salt Lake City, UT
2ND PLACE: Nikki Ngo   $2000.00
Nikki is attending  MSU in Denver, Colorado
3RD PLACE: EWISP: Maria Barun   $1000.00
Maria will be attending University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California
Congratulations to our EWI Chapter winners… We hope to meet them in the future and hear all about their plans and background..
Also thank you to our committee and board for their work and support.

The 2019 BCDP/ASIST Committee and our independent judges awarded a total of $12,500.00 to our 2019 scholarship winners

1st Place:  Nhu T. Nguyen $5,000.00

Ngu T. Nguyen is attending Red Rocks Community College with a future focus to earn and receive a Nonprofit Pathway Certificate then transfer to CU, Denver for a Bachelor’s degree in Public Service and finally a Master in Public Administration with a focus in Nonprofit Management. Nhu  is a first-generation immigrant born in a refugee camp in Songkhla, Thailand.  She is the mother of two small children and knows that balancing home life with education can be difficult at times but she has a determination to achieve success.

2nd Place:  Vivienne Tran $2,500.00

Vivienne moved from Vietnam at the age of 14 and became the first member of her family to graduate from high school and attend college and received an Associate of Arts at CCD in May 2017. She is returning to CCD to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and is also currently employed as a Peer Mentor Lead at TRIO Student Support Service at CCD.

2nd Place:  Merina Martin $2,500.00

Merina is a college graduate returning to school studying acupuncture with a further desire to obtain a Master Degree which is a 3-year program. She is a mother of a child with craniosynostosis and has had some severe medical issues in her own past but has not let either of those issues stand in the way of achieving her educational goals.  Her life motto is “Health is Wealth” and her goal is to achieve that for herself and others in her community.

2nd Place:  Arielle Rainey $2,500.00

Arielle is studying Environmental Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines and has previously achieved an Associate of Science Degree at CCD. She has funded her education by herself and through scholarship opportunities and hopes to work in the public sector upon graduation, whether it be for a municipality or the federal government.  She has a very strong sense of wanting to be involved in the mentoring of other students who want to pursue higher education and haven’t been able to pursue traditional paths.

In addition to the local scholarship, Nhu T. Nguyen has been nominated for a corporate scholarship.